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Saturday markets in Mexico Manzanillo

Manzanillo Tianguis

Las Hadas

Mercado Mania (market mania) it's called. For many visitors to Manzanillo Mexico, visiting the Saturday market in Santiago Manzanillo is a must see attraction. You will find everything you can imagine in the Saturday market, and here you may even find things you didn't know you needed.

In the winter in Manzanillo this mercado (market in Spanish) is filled with northerners; some directed here from the 4 major hotels, with the balance and majority being those of us who make Manzanillo Mexico our second home. The mix of fresh, dried and mature foods is a testament to the diet here. There is always a good supply of corn and lentil derivatives which of course make up part of most meals for Mexicans. The almost always included tortilla is used as a scoop or spoon, a plate, a filler, and the compliment and companion to whatever is being served. In many cases it eliminates the need for dishes and utensils, and makes picnics a snap. Tortillas are very versatile little inventions.

It is always interesting to watch the families just spending time browsing the various stands. It seems that this is an occasion for some to dress up and socialize or just enjoy the bustle of the mercado. While we watch a sporting event on Sat. or our favorite program in the evening, Mexican families are outside at a market like this or at the 'square' located in their neighborhood. On most any evening, shortly after dark, the square will be bustling with taco vendors and merchants, and will stay active until most of us northerners are fast asleep. It's amazing to us to see families dining at 8-9 pm. or later, and then know that all these children are in school no later than 7:30 next morning. It is so hot here in Manzanillo during the day, that most people come out to do their shopping and eating in the evenings. The only ones you see walking around unprotected in Manzanillo are the tourists, it seems we could all learn a thing or two from the residents.

Next time you're in town, be sure to check markets Manzanillo. You will find unique and memorable gifts as well!

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