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The Top Three Manzanillo Hotels


Famous hotels and resorts

From its beautiful golden beaches to the spectacular view of the Southern Pacific, this well-loved paradise has some great values in hotels for you. Here are the top three Manzanillo hotels you should consider when making your own travel plans.

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Authentic Mexican Palapas


What Makes Them Special

If you have never had the pleasure of dining in one of the authentic palapas that dot the beaches in Mexico then you are denying yourself a truly unique experience. Mexican palapas are constructed entirely from materials that are gathered form the local area and it is their lack of refinement that makes them what they are.

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Looking for Real Estate in Manzanillo?


Find your own paradise here

This beautiful paradise is situated between Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco, on the Pacific coast of Mexico. This city by the sea is actually on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands in the USA and has a similar climate - wonderfully moderate with a nice range of seasons and cool ocean breezes. There are approximately 10 kilometers of golden sandy beaches, expansive palm forests and plenty of beach front real estate.

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Las Hadas Hotel


a Fantastic Paradise Destination

If you are looking for a paradise destination to spend your honeymoon or just as a get-away for your family, then consider staying at Las Hadas Hotel and Golf Resort in Manzanillo. This gleaming white, four-star resort is situated conveniently on a tranquil beach, marina and golf course. With it's built in club house, restaurant, pools and fantasy deluxe suites, you are sure to find the ultimate spot for your upcoming getaway.

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