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Authentic Mexican Palapas

What Makes Them Special


If you have never had the pleasure of dining in one of the authentic palapas that dot the beaches in Mexico then you are denying yourself a truly unique experience. Mexican palapas are constructed entirely from materials that are gathered form the local area and it is their lack of refinement that makes them what they are.

Small Simply Outfitted Beach Front Restaurants
Mexican palapas are actually small, simply outfitted restaurants that feature a menu that will be confined to what is being taken from the ocean that is always a stone throw away. Quite often there is no electricity, so the stove will consist of a charcoal grill and the refrigerator will be a large ice chest.

White and Light Blue Paint are the Preferred Colors
In an authentic Mexican palapa all of the posts and support members will be crafted from rough hewn tree trunks and limbs, with the upper structural members riding in the crotches of the main posts that are the stumps from two parting branches. The effect is a long tree branch or post with a "V" in the top.

A Quaint Rough Natural Look
There are no set rules on how everything is connected together, so the top roofing memebers cab be screwed, or tied with wire, rope, twine or natural fiber. Also the western obsession with perfectly level, tiled or finished floors simply isn't evident in Mexican beach palapas. More often than not, the floors are well worn cement that is sloped to better shed the surf that over takes them in the stormy seasons.

A Dining Experience You Will Never Forget
So there you sit at a wobbly table under a structure that seems as though it could be blown away given the proper wind conditions. Your drinking ice cold beer and dining on fresh grilled, whole split fish that is served with hot tortillas, diced condiments and chili sauce. The ocean breeze smells like perfume and the waves are crashing mere yards away. It's truly a unique and pleasurable dining experience you simply can never forget.

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