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Sportfishing - Sailfish Manzanillo

What clothes should I pack?

The sun shines in Manzanillo almost throughout the entire year; therefore, travellers should include several light items of clothing in their luggage and a good sunscreen. If you are planning on visiting this coastal city in the middle of the summer, from June to October, do not forget to bring a raincoat for in this time of intense heat, refreshing downpours usually fall during the afternoons, although they last only a couple of hours.

Where can I ask for tourist information?

If you were to need information regarding the tourist attractions, the services and the festivities in Manzanillo during your stay in the city, you have to approach the Trusteeship of Tourism located on 1294-B Miguel de la Madrid Boulevard, or call (52-314) 333-2080 / 333-1380.

Sailfish, Manzanillo

How are the people like?

Manzanillo, at the shores of the Pacific, is the most visited city in the State of Colima, being famous for its hospitality. Its work loving population of restful spirits is used to live along with tourists, who are always welcomed with an ample smile.


Which are the working hours at offices and shopping malls?

Shopping malls in Manzanillo, like in the rest of the country, usually open their doors from 9:00 hours until 20:00 hours, closing them between 14:00 hours and 16:00 hours.


Will I have any problems in communicating with my country?

No, in no manner whatsoever, it is very easy to communicate abroad from Manzanillo through wired telephones, cellular phones and the Internet (in cyber cafés and hotels), all very common means of communication in this city.

There are numerous public phone booths in Manzanillo, from where you can call abroad with prepaid cards that are purchased at diverse commercial establishments. Calling collect is another rather economic possibility of communication.

You will also be able to call from your hotel room, having more privacy in this way although the cost of communication is higher.

If you are not too familiarised with the national and international codes you can dial 020 if you wish to communicate with another Mexican state, and 090 to call abroad. On both extensions you will be assisted by an operator that will guide through the process of completing your call.

Long Distance Calls from Mexico

To a Mexican telephone number: 01 + city code + local number
To the U.S. or Canada: 001 + area code + local number
To other countries: 00 + country code + city code + local number
To a cell phone in Mexico: 045 + area code + local number
Operated-assisted calls in Mexico: 020
Operated-assisted calls to other countries: 090

Note that when calling cell phones locally you call 044 + 10-digit number.

Is it easy to drive in the city?

Yes, you will have no major inconveniences when driving in Manzanillo. Its tranquil and serene streets and avenues know nothing about the traffic jams of the great cities, and the strident horn blows that impose their discourtesy on the asphalt serpents of the chaotic modernity of the metropolis.

Car Rental Service in Manzanillo

What do I need to rent a car?

You need to be over 21 years of age, have a valid driver license and an international credit card. Besides, you have to produce your passport. These are the requisites to rent a car in Manzanillo, where travellers will find branches of the Main Mexican and international firms specialised on this business.

Before renting a car in Manzanillo, consider that the rates are rather high in comparison to those in other Mexican cities; on the contrary, the taxi services are fairly cheaper in here. Add, subtract, calculate and make the choice most adequate to fulfil successfully your vacation.

Crafts Shopping In Manzanillo

Where can I purchase craftsmanship?

If you wish to acquire the magnificent handicraft objects that are manufactured in the State of Colima, to which Manzanillo belongs, go to the market of Miramar Beach, a commercial centre in open air, or to the handicraft market of Santiago, renowned for selling articles made of different seashells. Both are located in the hotel zone and work throughout the week.

Another place of interest is the Manzanillo Market, on Francisco Izquierdo Madero Avenue, in the centre zone. Here, like in other craftsmanship centres, you will find suites weaved with natural fibres or parota, a local wood, hammocks made of thread or silk, figures made of dry coconuts, necklaces and earrings made of seashells and engrave in mother-of-pearls, amongst other objects that will make you remember your time in this welcoming land.

Which is the electrical power output?

Like is the case in all Mexico, power output in Manzanillo is of 110 volts and 60 cycles. Outlets usually have flat slots. If you happen to have electric appliances working with 220 volts, ask for the necessary adaptors at the reception desk of your hotel.


The U.S. State Department has issued new requirements for travel into and back from Mexico. Note that the following update pertains to rules set by U.S. law, as entry into Mexico is governed by their own rules, please see below.

In summary, beginning January 23, 2007, passports will be required for all AIRLINE travel to and from Mexico. This does not yet include travel by land, sea, or foot, including cars or ferries. According to the official statement, ALL modes of transportation will require a passport after January 2008. Please check the official State Department memo for up to date verification, at http://www.travel.state.gov

Mexican Tourist Visa
This applies to people who wish to visit Mexico past the Border Zone, or for more than 72 hours in the Border Zone.

Visa / FM3 For Temporary Resident
For those wishing to live in Mexico.

Visa / FM3 For General Business
This applies to purchasing agents, importers and exporters who will attend board or directors' meetings of Mexican companies, conduct business that requires notarial certification or institute any legal proceedings in court.

Visa / FM3 For Technicians & Engineers
For technicians or engineers who intend to repair or install machinery, or train personnel, or take tools or machinery to Mexico.

Student Visa Requirements
This applies to foreign students who plan to study in Mexico.

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