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MANZANILLO Crafts Shopping

Local Markets, Manzanillo Articles

Shopping in Miramar, Manzanillo

Arts And Crafts Shopping In Manzanillo

Known for its fantastic beaches and excellent sport fishing, Manzanillo also offers unforgettable shopping experiences. Shopping the various markets of Manzanillo will reveal numerous opportunities to purchase beautiful and authentic Mexican crafts at excellent prices. The markets in Manzanillo are the best places to find the perfect gifts and souvenirs to take home. The shops of Manzanillo can be found in the premier resorts, all over the golden beaches and in the downtown area.

The first rate hotels of Manzanillo provide a great tropical setting for the perfect romantic location, holiday getaway or family friendly Mexican vacation. Many of Manzanillo’s resorts have a gift shop, boutique or souvenir store located inside. Along with the convenience of on-site shopping, a number of Manzanillo’s hotels offer guests all inclusive packages presenting guests with the best value for their money. All inclusive resorts offer one fixed price that includes your room, meals, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, entertainment and even gratuities and taxes. Leaving you all the more pocket money for shopping! One of Manzanillo’s all inclusive resorts is Club Maeva Manzanillo whose all inclusive plan features complete meals including a buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, nightly entertainment, scuba lessons, all taxes and gratuities and much more. Karmina Palace also has a shopping area where you can grab a body board, sandals, sunglasses or any last minute items that you might have forgot to pack.

Shopping in downtown Manzanillo

Across from Club Maeva Manzanillo is the Miramar Flea Market. This market features a series of booths along one of Manzanillo’s pristine beaches. Merchants sell typical beach souvenirs such as sarongs, bathing suits and flip flops. Walking along the beach past the many booths you are given the opportunity to sample some of Manzanillo’s local delicacies which include coconut and tamarind candies and real vanilla and cajeta, which is a type of milk caramel. Miramar Flea Market is also a great place to bargain for silver and shell jewelry. Be sure to check for the .925 stamp on silver to make sure it is genuine.

Bargaining is a very old tradition and part of the Mexican culture. The vendors expect visitors to bargain with them so have fun with process and approach them with a smile. A good rule of thumb is to start at about half of what the vendor is asking and work your way up from there. Vendors on the Manzanillo beaches are friendly and not pushy. If you’re not interested a simple “no gracias” will send him on his way and you can continue your fun in the sun.

Shopping in Santiago, Manzanillo

An excellent place to break out your bargaining skills is at the make-shift Santiago outdoor market. This outdoor market goes on for more than twenty blocks and is a great way to spend an afternoon. Locals and visitors alike browse through everything from inexpensive trendy clothes and shoes to costume jewelry and hand carved items. Santiago area is also home to Las Primaveras. This large arts and crafts shop takes up the first and second floors of two houses. La Primaveras is one of the best places in Manzanillo to browse through unique pottery, ceramics and straw goods.
Manzanillo is a preferred vacation destination because of its unpopulated beaches that are easily accessible from the luxurious resorts, activities that are fun for the whole family and shopping experiences like no other. Flea-market style shopping and beach browsing deals are two more great reasons to plan your Manzanillo vacation today.

Shopping in downtown Manzanillo Crafts Shopping in Manzanillo

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