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Manzanillo Mascot: The Blue Sailfish


Colima has its dancing dogs. Tecoman has its enormous palm tree and iguana. Our sunny Manzanillo has a giant blue sailfish as it’s iconic symbol.

Dominating the downtown Manzanillo waterfront stands a 30 meter tall 25 meter wide monument called the Monumento al Pez Vela. It is a giant blue sailfish statue that refers to the most important sport in Manzanillo, that of fishing.

Manzanillo is called the world capital of sailfish sport fishing and hosts many fishing tournaments year round. Serious sport fisherman converge on Manzanillo every year in hopes of catching one of these prized wall decorations.

The statue itself was created by a premier Mexican sculpter. In fact he is so famous he just has one name: Sebastian. Sebastian is a member of the World Arts Council Forum based in Geneva, and has gained worldwide fame designing sculptures using complex geometric shapes.

Locals affectionately call it “el camaron” due to its remarkable resemblance to a giant shrimp. The blue sailfish is one of the biggest symbols of Manzanillo. As you travel around in the city you can’t help but see this mascot everywhere.

Come and take a look for yourself, you can’t miss it. Especially, if you are on a cruise, this is where they dock. It stands guard in the historical downtown area of Manzanillo called Obregon Garden.

Source: manzanilloblog

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