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Nightlife in Manzanillo:

A Vibrant Playground for Couples

Newlyweds, young lovers and older couple's celebrating their wedding anniversaries often come to Manzanillo with the idea of having a little romantic fun that is tailored just for two. With that in mind, they will find a wealth of things to do in Manzanillo that will bring them closer together, rekindling old feelings or heightening newly emerging ones.

Lodgings will set the mood of course, putting lovebirds in just the right frame of mind for true intimacy and togetherness. The enclaves of Villa Media Luna could offer a leg up in that respect, with its private beach, secluded marina, fabulous boutiques and cozy restaurants.

Athletic couples may also enjoy their tennis court sand 18-hole golf course, spending the day at play and cuddling on the beach in the evening.

Casa Banderas offers lovers a more contemporary style that pampers guests with luxury. The split level master bedroom for example, overlooks a fantastic view of the coast and provides visitors with a marvelous sunken bath. A private swimming pool and Jacuzzi offers another opportunity to get closer as well as a chance to sunbath later.

When the duo feels like hitting the town, they will find that the nightlife in Manzanillo is as diverse and vibrant as the villa's they offer to vacationers. Dance clubs like Colima Bay for example, play a variety of hits, both local and international. Styles include techno, dance and ambient. The bars in Manzanillo are also well stocked and can cater to any occasion or mood.

Yes, Manzanillo certainly provides something for everyone, especially lovers who desire to cultivate exotic memories of erotic nights.

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