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Manzanillo offers a great variety of accommodations - from 5 star luxury resorts to small boutique hotels and bed & breakfast inns, to economy lodging and vacation rentals. Location and ambiance is for you to decide. Most hotels are located on one of Manzanillo's lovely beaches. Pick from the seclusion of a self contained resort on the beach, to resorts serving golf courses & the marina.

Santiago Peninsula
This is where many of Manzanillo's top resorts are found. Self-contained resorts bustling with shops, restaurants, night life, boating activities, and beach activities. The peninsula is located between Playa Azul & Playa Miramar.

Playa Azul & Playa Miramar
Manzanillo's two top beaches are strung out with hotels, bed & breakfast inns, and vacation rentals. The main boulevard, Miguel de la Madrid or also know as Blvd. Costero is the home to Manzanillo's tourist services. Here you'll find restaurants, nightclubs, car rental agencies, and shopping.

Costa Alegre
The "Happy Coast". To the north of Manzanillo lies the one of the Pacific coasts scenic hideaways. You'll find 5 star resorts and small traditional hotels tucked away in beautiful coves. If you are looking to get away from it all, this is the place!

Helpful Hints
Most hotels and resorts accept credit cards readily. On the other hand, the smaller and economy oriented ones usually do not.

Some hotels will offer transportation services back to the airport - be it by taxi or a shuttle service. It is advisable to make arrangements the day prior to your departure.

The tap water in most hotels and resorts is purified and drinkable. However, it is wise to clarify this at the time of your check-in.


Santiago Peninsula

Tripadvisor Logo Pepes Hideaway
67 LaPunta, Manzanillo 28860, Mexico
USA +1 213-261-6821
MEX (314) 333-0616
  Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Villas Los Angeles
Calle La Cima S/N | Peninsula De Santiago, Manzanillo, Mexico
Tel. (314) 333 1702
Tripadvisor Logo Wyndham Grand Bay Hotel Isla Navidad
Circuito de los Marinos S/N | Isla Navidad, Manzanillo 28830, Mexico
USA 877-999-3223
MEX 01 800 849 2373
  Tripadvisor Logo Dolphin Cove Inn
Av. Vista Hermosa s/n | Peninsula de Santiago, A.P. #93, Manzanillo 28860, Mexico
Tel. +1 866-360-9062
Tripadvisor Logo Hotel La Posada
Lazaro Cardenas 201, Las Brisas Manzanillo 28200, Mexico

  Tripadvisor Logo Barcelo Karmina Palace
Ave Vista Hermosa 13 | Fracc. Peninsula de Santiago, Manzanillo 28200, Mexico
Tel. +52 (314) 334-1313
Tripadvisor Logo Las Hadas Golf Resort and Marina
Ave Vista Hermosa s/n | Peninsula de Santiago, Manzanillo 28867, Mexico
TEL: (314) 331-0101
  Tripadvisor Logo Holiday Inn Express Manzanillo
Blvd Miguel de la Madrid 424 | Zona Industrial Tapeixtles, Manzanillo 28239, Mexico
USA/CAN 1 800 465 4329
MEX 01 800 00 999 00
Tripadvisor Logo Tesoro Manzanillo
Avda de la Audiencia 1, Peninsula De Santiago, Manzanillo 28200, Mexico
TEL: (314) 333-2100
  Tripadvisor Logo Camino Real Manzanillo
Calle Paraiso 11 | Col. Residencial Salahua, Manzanillo 28869, Mexico
MEX 331-1740
Tripadvisor Logo Brisas del Mar
Av Lazaro Cardenas 1301, Manzanillo 28210, Mexico
TEL: (314) 334-1197
  Tripadvisor Logo Palma Real
Peninsula De Juluapan, Manzanillo 28806, Mexico
MEX (314) 335-0013
Tripadvisor Logo Club Maeva Manzanillo
Km. 12.5 Carretera Manzanillo, Manzanillo 28200, Mexico
TEL: (314) 331-0875
  Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Villas la Audiencia
Av. Audiencia y Palmas | Santiago Peninsula, Manzanillo 28860, Mexico
MEX (314) 334-0548
Tripadvisor Logo Marina Puerto Dorado Hotel
Avenida Lazaro Cardenas 101, Manzanillo 28210, Mexico
TEL: +52 314 3341480
  Tripadvisor Logo Suave Vida Hotel and Suites
1316 Av Lazaro Cardenas | Las Brisas, Manzanillo 28210, Mexico
MEX (314) 333-2528
Tripadvisor Logo Casa de la Reyna
Bucerias, Manzanillo, Mexico
USA (425) 334-6051
  Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Star
Av Lazaro Cardenas 1313, Manzanillo 28810, Mexico
MEX (314) 333-1980
Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Marbella
Calle Marbella # 7 | Playa Azul, Manzanillo 28218, Mexico
(314) 333-1103
  Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Emperador
Davalos, 69, Manzanillo, Mexico
MEX (314) 332-2374
Tripadvisor Logo Hotel San Pedrito
Manzanillo, Mexico
(314) 332-0535
  Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Colonial
Av. Mexico 100 and Gonzalez Bocanegra, Manzanillo 28200, Mexico
(314) 332-1080
Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Maria Cristina
Manzanillo, Mexico
(314) 332-0535
  Tripadvisor Logo Isha Center La I Mexico
Av. de la Reyna Lote 6,8,12,14 | San Jose, Manzanillo 28867, Mexico
(314) 334 1414
Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Anita
Playa Santiago, Manzanillo, Mexico
  Tripadvisor Logo Fiesta Mexicana
Km. 8.5 Carretera Manzanillo Santiago, Manzanillo 28218, Mexico
(33) 3640 1324
Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Hawaii
Santiago, Manzanillo, Mexico
Tel: (314) 334-3014
  Tripadvisor Logo Suites Santa Barbara
Blvd. Costero Miguel De La Madrid No. 1167, Manzanillo, Mexico
(314) 333-2030
Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Marlyn
Playa Santiago - Zona Hotelera, Manzanillo, Mexico
Tel: (314) 333-0055
  Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Plaza Tucanes
Avenida del Tesoro 1 S/N | Península de Santiago, Manzanillo 28200, Mexico
(314) 334-1067
Tripadvisor Logo Costa Brava
Miguel de la Madrid 114, Manzanillo 28860, Mexico
Tel: (314) 334-2616
  Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Azteca Centro
Allende 72, Manzanillo 28200, Mexico
(314) 332-7343
Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Bahia de Manzanillo
Hidalgo 134 | Colonia Centro, Manzanillo 28200, Mexico
Tel: (314) 332-6487
  Tripadvisor Logo Hotelito Escondido Manzanillo
Paseo del Mar no.67 | Colonia Las Brisas, Manzanillo 28200, Mexico
(314) 333-7111
Tripadvisor Logo Hotel y Suites Santa Cecilia
Miguel de la Madrid 893, Manzanillo 28869, Mexico
Tel: (314) 334-2244
  Tripadvisor Logo La Playa
Avenida Vista Hermosa S/N, Manzanillo, Mexico

Tripadvisor Logo Suites Las Palmas
Boulevard Costero Miguel de la Madrid No. 874, Manzanillo, Mexico
Tel: (314) 333-1010
  Tripadvisor Logo Buffalo Don's Mismo Sol Hostel
55 Netzahualcoyotl, Manzanillo 28860, Mexico

Tripadvisor Logo Tennis El Palmar
Zafiro Street and Esmeralda Street, Manzanillo, Mexico
Tel: (314) 333-0112
  Tripadvisor Logo Pacifico Azul
Km 10 Blvd M De La Madrid, Manzanillo, Mexico

Tripadvisor Logo Hotel Marina Puerto Dorado
Lázaro Cárdenas No.101 col. Las Brisas,
Tel: (314) 334 1480
  Tripadvisor Logo La Pergola
Miguel De La Madrid, Manzanillo 14050, Mexico
Tel: (314) 333-2265

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