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Long an outpost for the pre-Columbian Tarascan peoples, Manzanillo was an important port during the early days of Spanish conquest. The manzanilla trees in the area around Manzanillo Bay were felled to construct Spanish ships used in expeditions along the Pacific coast and to the Far East.

Manzanillo's importance waned in light of the 1561 decree making Acapulco the sole port of entry for Pacific commerce. Since Manzanillo was on the Pacific Coast trade routes used by the Spanish, pirates often lurked in the waters off Manzanillo Bay, providing an ever-present threat throughout the period of Spanish colonization of Mexico.

While Manzanillo Bay had long been recognized as an excellent harbor, it wasn't until after 1870 that Manzanillo's fortunes rose. Rail connections to Colima and Guadalajara resulted in the city gaining the distinction of becoming an official port of entry to Mexico.

Today, the city is Mexico's busiest port, having surpassed Veracruz in 2005. Manzanillo is a commercial city that has tourism as a sideline. But the beaches, sun and the cultural riches of the area make Manzanillo a fun place to visit.

Adisa Brennan y Compañia S.C.
Tel: (314) 332 0108
Agencia Aduanal Carrasco S.C.
Tel: (314) 336 4712
Soluciones Aduaneras Integradas SA
Tel: (314) 336-4983
Agencia Aduanera De America
Tel: (314) 332-4742
Glucsa Del Pacifico S.C.
Tel: (314) 331-1800
Homs Agencias Aduanales
Tel: (314) 331-2630
Hernandez Bolaños Y Asociados SC
Tel: (314) 332-6624
Red Aduanera S.C.
Tel: (314) 332 5156
Servi Port
Tel: (314) 332-3000
Servicios Integrales En Aduana Y Comercio Exterio
Tel: (314) 333 7590
Vanguardia Consultores Comercio Exterior
Tel: (314) 332 7498
Agencia Aduanal Woodward
Tel: (314) 332 0502
Logis Agencias Aduanales
Tel: (314) 336 4550
Agencia Aduanal Zamorano SC
Tel: (314) 332 4365
Grupo Aduanal Integrado S.A. de C.V.
Tel: (314) 332 0045
Enrique Ramos y CIA
Tel: (314) 332 1443
Gil y Gil Agentes Aduanales S.C.
Tel: (314) 334 3028
Grupo Aduanal Galván S.C.
Tel: (314) 332 2565
FAO Agencia Aduanales
Tel: (314) 333 6004
Condor Air S.A. de C.V.
Tel: (314) 332 7480

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