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El Faro Manzanillo

a Private Paradise That Can Be Yours

The Manzanillo region offers so much luxury at such an affordable price; why not consider moving there for retirement or buying a vacation home to enjoy it more? The El Faro Manzanillo is a beautiful choice when it comes to making a real estate decision in the area. This bright white Mediterranean style condominium complex offers so many things at such a great value. Not only is it stunning visually, it creates a lovely peaceful existence for the people who stay there.

El Faro rests conveniently on the upper ridge of the Santiago peninsula that breaks up Santiago Bay on the in the north from Manzanillo Bay due south. Peninsula de Santiago is home to the most exclusive real estate in Manzanillo, including the celebrated Las Hadas holiday resort that draws in visitors from around the globe. El Faro features a central light house, surrounded by villas, plus lush tropical landscaping and three crystal blue swimming pools.

Although El Faro may appear from the outside like a resort, the atmosphere of the building complex is very calm and easygoing. Residents enjoy the serenity and privacy of life in El Faro which is a fully secure and gated community featuring panoramic views of the beaches and Pacific ocean. If you desire a resort experience, visit Las Hadas. If you prefer the feeling of a home away from home where you are able to feel secluded in your own private nirvana, opt for the serenity of El Faro. The value of the El Faro condos is hard to beat for the environment provided to lucky residents.

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