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Asilo De Ancianos De Manzanillo

You can help

Asilo de Ancianos Manzanillo

Thanks very much to all of you that have already made a donation! The Asilo still needs more help, however.

According to the Directora of the Asilo de los Ancianos, Alma Arce de Martinez, the City of Manzanillo has recently cancelled its monthly contribution of $7500 pesos due to budgetary constraints. There is a possibility that this may resume in April 2010, but no one knows for certain. The State of Colima contributes money to the Asilo as well, but has also reduced its monthly contribution by 17%. There is no indication when this will be reinstated, if ever.

The Asilo has space for 46 residents. There is no question that all the residents have very few options in life, and would be destitute without the Asilo.

Basically, the Asilo is in dire straits at the moment, and needs to raise at least $40,000 pesos to make up the cuts to its funding and continue operating. Otherwise, staff will need to be let go, leaving the residents of the Asilo without adequate care.

You can make a contribution as follows:
All cheques need to be payable to ASILO DE ANCIANOS DE MANZANILLO.
You can write a cheque as follows:

In Pesos, drawn on a Mexican chequing account.
In Canadian Dollars, drawn on a Canadian chequing account.
In US Dollars, drawn on a US chequing account.
Really, any currency drawn anywhere may be accepted.

Cheques may be dropped off at the following locations:

La Punta office
Club Santiago office
Durango #217, Condominio Vida del Mar (Tom Townsend 334 8631)
Condominio Palomar office
Condominio El Faro office
Jaunito's Restaurant in Santiago
Cash or cheques may also be dropped off at the Asilo.

If you would like to deposit directly into the bank account of the Asilo, it is located at HSBC in Santiago - Bank account number 4013044086. Please include your name and address (or email address), and the Asilo will happily send you a receipt for your donation.

The residents of the Asilo would really appreciate your support!

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